T06.77 Technical Support for Economic and Social Reinsertion

Technical Support for the Sectoral Reform Agreement of the National Policy for the Economic and Social Reinsertion of ex-members of FARC-EP

To support and strengthen national and regional agencies responsible for reinsertion, coordination agencies, and individuals and their family members undergoing the reinsertion process, improving gender equality and the outreach capacity of leadership initiatives by men and women, with a view to the effective and sustainable implementation at national and regional level of the National Policy for Economic and Social Reinsertion (Spanish acronym PNRSE). 

Implementation period
From 05/May/2021 To 04/May/2024

General Description

Technical Support for Reinsertion facilitates strategic and technical decision-making by the agencies responsible for properly implementing the budgetary support for reinsertion provided by the European Union to the Colombian Government; it enhances PNRSE implementation by providing full support for the national and regional stakeholders concerned; it provides support for the local authorities and regional agencies responsible for coordinating the implementation of this policy, working alongside regional development plans and local planning and management tools; it promotes gender equality activities and strengthens the leadership and outreach capacity of individuals undergoing the reinsertion process for implementation of the PNRSE at national and regional level. Although the focus of Technical Assistance is on national actions, it has nevertheless prioritised four departments: Antioquia, Caquetá, Cauca and Guaviare, working with signatories in the former Territorial Training and Reinsertion Spaces in Colombia and with other remote populations.

Contribution to the Peace Accourds

Through its six specified outcomes, Technical Support for Reinsertion makes a technical contribution to the implementation of the National Policy for the Economic and Social Reinsertion of ex-members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia - People's Army (Spanish acronym FARC-EP),  included in Point 3.2 of the Peace Agreement. It focuses specifically on supporting social and economic reinsertion (point 3.2.2.) taking into account its regional and differential perspective, with the emphasis on women's rights and on enhancing the civic participation of individuals and their family members undergoing the reinsertion process.

Objectives and Results


· To strengthen the institutions involved in PNRSE implementation.

· To increase the institutional capacity of the Colombian Agency for Reinsertion and Regularisation (Spanish acronym ARN), Regional Reinsertion Councils, regional outreach and coordination agencies, local authorities, and leading signatories for the purpose of implementing the reinsertion policy.


- Enhanced implementation of PNRSE through fully supporting the stakeholders concerned.

- Enhanced decision-making by budgetary support implementation agencies.

- Assistance with implementation of budgetary support for PNRSE.

- Support for local authorities and regional outreach and coordination agencies in PNRSE implementation.

- Positive actions for promoting gender equality between the sexes.

- Enhanced technical ability of leading signatories to implement PNRSE.

Investment Amounts
€ 2.169.000
UE Support
€ 0
€ 2.169.000

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