T06.97 Workshop School

Workshop School: Knowledge and inheritance for Peace

Develop productive capacities based on knowledge of people in reincorporation process and neighbouring communities

Implementation period
From 15/Dec/2021 To 14/Jun/2023

General Description

The project promotes the strengthening of economic-productive skills through technical training and school workshops for populations in reincorporation processes and surrounding communities in the departments of Cauca, Huila, Tolima and Valle del Cauca. It promotes insertion into the regional economic fabric, strengthening key skills for employability and income generation, as well as reconciliation, generating spaces for social integration. A differential approach is contemplated with emphasis on the inclusion of gender and people with diverse capacities in the selection of participants, and a methodology of "learning by doing", favouring the implementation of learning. The activities are oriented along three lines:

  • Promotion of knowledge transfer processes based on the recognition of local bio-cultural assets, for the improvement of quality of life.
  • Enhancing the value of cultural and natural heritage to promote its safeguarding, appropriation and sustainable use.
  • Generation of networks and strategic platforms with local industries, public and private partners for the commercialisation of products and services from the workshops.


Contribution to the Peace Accourds

The project contributes to the reincorporation of former FARC-EP members into civilian life, which is part of Point 3.2 of the Peace Agreement, through the following actions:

Reincorporation of the FARC-EP to civilian life in economic and social terms: it seeks to favour the economic-productive integration of the population that signed the Peace Agreement, through: (i) technical training processes and School Workshops around gardening activities, bio-construction, graphic production and cultural activities, based on the "learning by doing" methodology and focused on the valuation of local cultural heritage; and, (ii) the generation of commercial alliances for labour integration and for the commercialisation of their products.


Objectives and Results

The objective of the project is to develop productive capacities based on their own knowledge and cultural heritage of 175 ex-combatants and 25 people from communities of influence, located in the AETCR and in urban contexts, through the implementation of the Escuela Taller programme and the Talleres Escuelas. The expected results are:

  • Three technical trainings (gardening and bio-construction) and three complementary trainings (graphic production and "Living Museums") organised for the target group.
  • Improved employability, with the objective that 60% of the participants will be employed at the end of the project.
  • Promotion of local production through Craft School Workshops together with cooperatives organised by ex-combatants.
  • Generation of ten strategic alliances to improve the sustainability and commercialisation of production.
  • Enhancement of the cultural and natural heritage to promote its safeguarding, correct adoption and sustainable use.


Investment Amounts
€ 200.000
UE Support
€ 200.000

Featured Indicators
Indicator Goal Last Update Advance Current Value Status
01. Number of participants certified as construction technicians with an emphasis on bio-construction 32 June 2023 137 % 44 Complete
02. Number of participants certified as garden technicians 28 June 2023 142 % 40 Complete
03. Number of people trained in the appropriate workshops and equipped as "Living Museums". 40 June 2023 120 % 48 Complete
04. Number of people trained in graphic production courses 20 June 2023 120 % 24 Complete
05. % of beneficiaries linked to employment 60 June 2023 60 % 36 Complete
06. Number of commercial partnerships for the School Workshops 10 June 2023 100 % 10 Complete

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