T06.73 Lands Budgetary Support

Lands and Territories for Peace Budgetary Support financed by the European Trust Fund

Characterize the vacant lands’ legal, environmental, and social situation for access, use, and legalization in benefit of the rural population

Implementation period
From 23/Dec/2020 To 30/Jun/2024

General Description

The “Sustainable Land and Territories for Peace” Budgetary Support will contribute to land access, use, and legalization in line with the principles of responsible governance of land tenure, land-use planning, and peace-building. This budgetary support will be implemented in two vacant lands located in four municipalities in Meta and Caquetá. The project intends to characterize 186,086 hectares of vacant land, legalize 62,745 hectares of small and medium size rural property, grant 378 “land use rights” contracts, and benefit 1660 families for access to productive projects.   

The project also contributes to strengthening the National Land Agency (ANT) and other local institutions, improving land governance, and the implementation of mechanisms of conflict resolution. Additionally, the project contributes to improving the land management information systems.

Contribution to the Peace Accourds

The Budgetary Support contributes 6% to the Land Fund for Peace and potentially 3.7% to the legalization goal in point 1 “Comprehensive Rural Reform” of the Peace Agreement. This project will be implemented in Meta and Caquetá, in two large vacant lands located in four municipalities; La Macarena, Uribe, San Vicente del Caguán, and Cartagena del Chairá. These two large vacant lands have a high rate of illegal land ownership and history of conflict due to land ownership and use issues.

The project will support the process of legalization in the ZRC of Pato Balsillas, as well as the constitution of the ZRC of Losada and Guayabero.

Objectives and Results

GO: Contribute to reducing poverty and promote sustainable and inclusive growth in the regions most affected by the conflict in Caquetá and Meta.

SO: Contribute to the Comprehensive Rural Reform implementation through access to rural property and sustainable land-use in vulnerable environmental areas.


  • Improved local governance of land tenure through implementing mechanisms of conflict resolution
  • Improved institutions capacities to implement the Land Property policy


  • Poor rural population, victims, and rural women have access and legalize their land
  • Rural families have access to sustainable alternatives for land-use.
  • Rural families with property titles, legalized property rights, or granted land use rights have access to the institutional offer.
Investment Amounts
€ 11.000.000
UE Support
€ 0
€ 11.000.000

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