T06.60,61,62 Implementation of PDET Productive Routes for Stabilization

Regional stabilization through strengthening productive chains, better access to resources, services, infrastructure, and markets.

Strengthening of rural living conditions through the provision of public goods, sustainable agricultural production with a gender perspective

Implementation period
From 18/Jul/2020 To 22/Dec/2024

General Description

The intervention is aligned with the Government's "Peace with Legality" Policy and gives regional institutions, especially the Territorial Renovation Agency (ART), a central role in implementation, thus fostering institutional coordination. It focuses on value chains: cocoa in Putumayo and Tumaco (Nariño), and dairy in Caquetá, integrating the following lines of action:

(i) improve rural roads in areas with potential to develop production chains; (ii) strengthen processing and marketing companies integrated to chains; (iii) promotion to technological innovation applied to value chains; (iv) partnerships between the various steps and actors of the production chains. In addition, an Investment Fund, a Business Development Services Fund, and a Technical Assistance Facility will be available. In a transversal way, work will be made by applying the gender approach in implementation, to promote women empowerment  in the two production chains, with an emphasis on their equitable participation in the expected improvements, and greater control of the processes and benefits created.


Contribution to the Peace Accourds

Contributes to the development of Development Programs with a Territorial Approach –PDET, which are part of point 1 of the Peace Agreement: Towards a new Colombian countryside- National Plans for Comprehensive Rural Reform, through the following actions:

Road infrastructure - National Plan for tertiary roads: the project has a component to strengthen tertiary roads, under co-management mechanisms.

Agricultural production and solidarity economy: the project foresees a specific component aimed at promoting modernization, improving productivity and competitiveness of agricultural production from a gender perspective and under agro-sustainable mechanisms adapted to climate change.

Progressive right to food: It seeks to promote family self-consumption, as well as supply the local and regional food market.

Objectives and Results

General objective: Contribute to regional stabilization and inclusive and sustainable economic growth in the PDET subregions of Caquetá, Nariño, and Putumayo.

Specific objectives

  • Improve road infrastructure linked to the dairy and cocoa production chains.
  • Strengthen competitiveness and inclusion of cocoa and dairy value chains.
  • Improve the performance of small and medium rural enterprises that benefit from investment and business development services.
  • Technological and innovative developments are implemented by producers linked to the dairy and cocoa product chains.
  • Establishment of inclusive partnerships for commercialization, quality, and environmental conservation, between the different actors of the dairy and cocoa product chains.
Investment Amounts
€ 19.500.000
UE Support
€ 3.000.000
€ 22.500.000

Featured Indicators
Indicator Goal Last Update Advance Current Value Status
1. Número de empresas que han firmado contratos de coinversión priorizando emprendimientos liderados por mujeres que cumplen con requisitos de inversión 3 September 2022 33 % 1 In execution
10. Número de hectáreas intervenidas con sistemas ganaderos sostenibles incluyendo sistemas silvopastoriles y sistemas agroforestales de cacao desagregados porcentualmente en número de UPAs que están a cargo de hombres y mujeres. 450 September 2022 0 % 0 In execution
11. Número de nuevas hectáreas de bosques, de sistemas agroforestales/silvopastoriles y de restauración, bajo acuerdos voluntarios de conservación 950 September 2022 0 % 0 In execution
12. Número de comités comunitarios de "gestión y mantenimiento" conformados que cuentan con capacidades y aptitudes para gestionar trabajos de infraestructura vial. 8 June 2022 0 % 0 In execution
2. Porcentaje de mujeres que forman parte de los mecanismos de control o veeduría social de los trabajos de infraestructura vial. 40 September 2022 0 % 0 In execution
3. Número de kilómetros de vías implementadas, rehabilitadas o adecuadas, y mantenidas a través de trabajos de infraestructura vial 94 September 2022 14 % 13 In execution
4. Número de productores (desagregados por sexo) capacitados en nuevas tecnologías en sistemas ganaderos sostenibles basados en forrajes mejorados incluyendo sistemas silvopastoriles y en uso eficiente de los recursos 500 September 2022 47 % 239 In execution
5. Número de productores de cacao (desagregados en mujeres y hombres) recibiendo capacitación técnica (en sistemas agroforestales, manejo de clones y BPA) y recibiendo acompañamiento para la adopción de las prácticas sostenibles. 500 September 2022 44 % 224 In execution
6. Número de empresas que se benefician del fondo de inversión que han aumentado su volumen de ventas. 8 September 2022 12 % 1 In execution
7. Número de empresas certificadas que cumplen con los requisitos para para utilizar la marca, "QC", diferenciando empresas a cargo de hombres de las que están a cargo de mujeres. 2 September 2022 0 % 0 In execution
8. Número de UPAs validadas en buenas prácticas ganaderas o en proceso de validación. 64 September 2022 0 % 0 In execution
9. Número de UPAs certificadas en BPA en cacao y en proceso de certificación (desagregadas por unidades a cargo de mujeres y hombres) 48 September 2022 0 % 0 In execution

Advocate Partner Local Partners and Co-Applicants

Alta Consejería para la Estabilización y la Consolidación 
Agencia de Renovación del Territorio
Agribusiness Booster
Comité de Ganaderos del Caquetá
El - Lab
ONF Andina
Gobernaciones y Alcaldías de los 3 Departamentos

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