T06.39 Aremos paz

Comprenhesive rural development for the promotion of sustainable peace 

The project of the Group of Swedish Civil Society Organizations in Colombia seeks to improve the living conditions of rural communities and reincorporated population in rural areas affected by the conflict following the signing of the Peace Agreement.

Implementation period
From 06/Sep/2019 To 05/Mar/2024

General Description

In the processes of joint work and support to local and reincorporated population organizations, these organizations highlighted as a central problem that they still don’t have sufficient material resources and don’t have the necessary capacities to be able to associate, develop economic initiatives, and ensure their permanence in the regions. To meet this need, ForumCiv, Diakonia, Act Church of Sweden, FLM, SweFOR, and We Effect, supported by the Swedish Embassy, designed the project recognizing that peace-building and the creation of permanence and rooting conditions of the communities in their regions depend not only on material resources, but also on recognition processes, reconciliation, participation, and socio-economic inclusion.

The project combines actions in the fields of sustainable agro-ecological production, and the reconstruction of the social fabric through various strategies that involve the recognition of rural communities as relevant actors in the formulation of public policies, programs and projects that enable comprehensive rural development, especially those plans included in the implementation of the Peace Agreement such as PATRs.

Contribution to the Peace Accourds
  • Design, support, and implementations of sustainable and inclusive economic projects for local rural development in the Arauca, Cauca, Caquetá, Huila, Guaviare, Meta, and Tolima departments.
  • Promote participation of the reincorporated population in economic initiatives and/or processes of organizational strengthening.
  • Promote participation of women in different spaces of political and social participation to reduce the gap of discrimination and inequality.
  • Strengthen capacities of conflict prevention and management from a Do No Harm approach that contributes to the reconstruction of the social fabric.

  • Promote models of agroecological development adapted to the conditions of each one of the project regions of intervention in coordination with the Action Plans for Regional Transformation (PATR).

Objectives and Results

The project's objective is for rural communities and reincorporated population in areas affected by the armed conflict to improve their living conditions following the signing of the Peace Agreement. The action focuses on two interrelated strategic lines:

1. Design and implementation of economic initiatives for local rural development with an emphasis on agroecological production for food sovereignty, promotion of agro-food value chains, and the creation of partnerships between civil society and the private sector in order to generate sustainable livelihoods under a regional approach.

2. Reconstruction of the social fabric and relationships of mutual trust through support for community resilience and reconciliation  initiatives, the promotion of self-protection strategies, and the promotion of care economy initiatives to create a sense of belonging and roots in rural areas to ensure a stable peace.

Investment Amounts
€ 4.800.000
UE Support
€ 1.200.000
€ 6.000.000

Featured Indicators
Indicator Goal Last Update Advance Current Value Status
01. Number of people trained in protection and self-protection measures 150 December 2023 871 % 1.307 Complete
02. Porcentaje of productive systems, as well as productive or organisational strengthening AFT successfully implemented in the 7 departments. 70 December 2023 142 % 100 In execution
03. Percentage of productive initiatives that receive agribusiness assistance and financing 34 December 2023 126 % 43 In execution
04. Number of people participating in care experiences. 30 December 2023 766 % 230 Complete
05. Number of organisations with strengthening plans formulated at the administrative, organisational and/or political level. 34 December 2023 88 % 30 Complete
06. Number of women trained in territorial protection, conservation and defence issues. 280 December 2023 142 % 400 In execution
07. Number of agreements between organisations and actors in the business sector, in a local, national and international context. 5 December 2023 40 % 2 In execution
08. Number of organisations that have received support or advice for their administrative, financial and accounting strengthening. 34 December 2023 152 % 52 Complete
09. Number of families that, thanks to training or methodological transfer processes, implement agroecological techniques in their productive activities. 1.000 December 2023 227 % 2.276 In execution

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