T06.34 Solidarity and sustainable regions

Solidarity and sustainable regions

Strengthening ex-combatants solidarity economy organizations for developing economic initiatives in five ETCRs and Group Reincorporation Areas.

Implementation period
From 01/Mar/2019 To 31/May/2021

General Description

The general objective is to promote sustainable rural development. With this action, the project seeks to contribute to the reincorporation processes, by implementing activities that strengthen the solidarity economy of ex-combatants organizations to develop economic initiatives in the ETCR, Antonio Nariño (Tolima), Jaime Pardo Leal (Guaviare), Mariana Páez (Meta), and the Areas of Group Reincorporation Darío Gutiérrez (Meta) and El Diamante (Meta). These areas address causes prioritized by solidarity economy organizations in cooperation with CMMC and Corpaz.

The project seeks to support economic initiatives, strengthening the value chain, and solidarity economy organizations.

To guarantee sustainability, the project will identify public and / or private companies to create production chains and purchase agreements, in addition to seeking inclusive businesses for the population. In order to work towards productivity and sustainability, the project will include components of innovation. Finally, the project will document the action processes in order to favor its replicability in other ETCRs, and It will implement a knowledge exchange with a  country leader in association.

Contribution to the Peace Accourds

The project contributes to point 1 of the Agreement by promoting the production and commercialization of quality products within a framework of regional inclusion and improving the living conditions of those involved in order to close the urban-rural gap and reduce poverty in the area.

The project contributes point 3.2 of the agreement by strengthening the economic initiatives of solidarity economy organizations located in five ETCR / ARG. These actions contribute to a successful social and economic reincorporation process, the coordination with regional dynamics, and strengthening the implementation of the Peace Accords in the regions.

Objectives and Results

Specific objectives:

●     Support comprehensive business units according to the region, community orientation, and market demand.

●     Improve organizational and management capacities of beneficiary solidarity economy organizations.

●     Promote innovation of products, processes, and marketing with emphasis on product design and development under the brand concept, improve production and transformation processes, and use of recyclable waste.

●     Create public and / or private agreements by ETCR that promote the creation of inclusive businesses in the region or production chains, for the best use of the economies of scale.

●     Identify and document good practices and lessons learned from strengthening solidarity economy organizations and economic initiatives to make them visible and replicable.

Investment Amounts
€ 469.134
UE Support
€ 85.052
€ 554.186

Featured Indicators
Indicator Goal Last Update Advance Current Value Status
01. Number of sustainable solidarity economy organizations integrated by ex-combatants, operating in the ETCR, giving them opportunities to create a dignified income 8 May 2021 200 % 16 Complete
02. Number of FARC EP ex-combatants participating in collective and / or solidarity economy projects supported by the EU 350 May 2021 106 % 372 Complete
03. Number of business units led by solidarity economy organizations, with sustainable business or strengthening plans in ETCRs 12 May 2021 100 % 12 Complete
04. Number of innovative practices implemented in the intervened business units 12 May 2021 100 % 12 Complete
05. Number of public and / or private commercial agreements from the implementation that cover the intervention ETCRs 4 May 2021 100 % 4 Complete
06. Number of spaces to share reintegration experiences promoted by the project 4 March 2021 25 % 1 In execution
07. Number of people participating in technical tours and / or experience exchanges 4 May 2021 0 % 0 Complete
08. Número de organizaciones de productores y/o PYMEs que han fortalecido sus procesos administrativos, operativos y comerciales 12 May 2021 100 % 12 Complete

Advocate Partner Local Partners and Co-Applicants
Unión Europea
Unión Europea
Corporación Mundial de la Mujer Colombia

Corporación Territorio, Paz y Desarrollo (Corpaz)

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