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Peace, the only hope for economic and social development - YOU CAN

Improving the living conditions of the local population in the framework of the Peace Agreement implementation.

Implementation period
From 30/Dec/2017 To 29/Dec/2021

General Description

The project focuses on improving the living conditions of the local population in the framework of Peace Agreement implementation.


The project empowers communities and strengthens local governance for sustainable local development. For this purpose, the project develops a participatory approach to include the rural population, particularly young people and women, in investment related decision-making processes in  targeted communities. At the same time, the project also strengthens local governance by promoting subsidiarity.

The project improved the organization of  local economic production so that it is more oriented to the market demand, and helps identify and connect local  actors to  markets and national and international companies.

The project allocates  investment funds through a competitive process and by engaging social enterprises, thereby promoting association, cooperativism, and inclusive business. The communities engaged in this project are directly responsible for resource management and accountability, but are provided technical assistance in production, management, and administrative aspects.

Contribution to the Peace Accourds

The project contributes to point 1 of the Peace Agreement by improving regional planning at the municipal and departmental level for rural development. It also promotes the community’s  socio-economic inclusion through participation and empowerment, and through coordination with sectoral institutions to maximize synergies and the execution of resources.

The project contributes to point 3.2 of the Peace Agreement by promoting initiatives that incorporate: sustainability processes economic, social and regional resilience; and gender and women in development approaches. The project also restores the  social fabric  needed for the reconstruction of an inclusive and peaceful society.  It does this  by: 1) establishing Artistic Cultural Districts; 2) fostering a sense of  regional heritage in young people; 3) reinforcing the family’s role as the central axis of society; and 4) promoting local culture and traditions.

Objectives and Results

The project focuses on four results:

●     Targeted populations’ improve their participation, empowerment, and capacities to influence social public policies by applying the methodology of promoting community participatory planning.

●     Local governments improve the execution of regional planning at the municipal and departmental level through appropriating the Rural Development with Regional Focus (PDET) approach.

●     Value chains are developed and improved to guarantee community access to markets and product commercialization.  This is accomplished by promoting local economic development through public-private agreements.

●     Each municipality has an Artistic Cultural District for peace, in which young people have access to education that reinforces their soft skills.

Investment Amounts
€ 3.239.199
UE Support
€ 675.000
€ 3.914.199

Featured Indicators
Indicator Goal Last Update Advance Current Value Status
01.Number of local organizations and entities that develop their own projects through Financial Support to Third Parties 25 December 2021 132 % 33 Complete
02.Number of grassroots organizations, SMEs and / or business units supported in economic, administrative, and / or commercial issues with the EU support 25 December 2021 132 % 33 Complete
03.Number of prioritized works in the settlements built and delivered 25 December 2021 104 % 26 Complete
04.Number of companies with international agreements. 2 December 2021 150 % 3 Complete
05.Number of women trained to oversee operations 50 December 2021 116 % 58 Complete
06.Number of trained Fariana solidarity organizations on the solidarity model of economic development 3 December 2021 100 % 3 Complete
07.Number of people from the ETCR La Carmelita who have participated in scheduled regional development planning analysis sessions 100 December 2021 156 % 156 Complete
08.Number of municipalities that have incorporated the DRET approach in their development plans 3 December 2021 0 % 0 Complete
09.Number of municipalities that have a document on potential and value chains of their region 5 December 2021 100 % 5 Complete
10.Number of organizations supported, comprised exclusively of women or with women participation (Mixed) 12 December 2021 133 % 16 Complete
11.Percentage of people who participate in training activities who qualify in the final test with acceptable knowledge 75 December 2021 126 % 95 Complete
12.Number of subsidized organizations involving organic or environmentally sustainable production or transformation 12 December 2021 116 % 14 Complete
13.Number of income creation ventures of subsidized ETCR organizations 4 December 2021 75 % 3 Complete
14.Number of young people who have participated in promotion of soft skills exercises developed by the project 500 December 2021 210 % 1.052 Complete
15.Number of cultural initiatives working with sustainable economic and social indicators 3 December 2021 166 % 5 Complete
16.Number of cultural initiatives receiving funding through the project 3 December 2021 166 % 5 Complete
17.Number of FARC ex-combatants participating in cultural activities and artistic expressions 100 December 2021 100 % 100 Complete
18.Number of development proposals for settlements, incorporated in the PDM 25 December 2021 112 % 28 Complete
19.Number of local oversight committees established and supported in the framework of the project 26 December 2021 103 % 27 Complete
20. Número de cooperativas o asociaciones de base, integradas por personas en proceso de reincorporación, que implementan unidades de negocio 3 December 2021 100 % 3 Complete
21. Número de personas de municipios afectados por el conflicto armado que mejoran su acceso a servicios públicos básicos 20 December 2021 780 % 156 Complete
22. Número de personas que son apoyadas en la implementación de modelos productivos sostenibles o en el fortalecimiento de su actividad económica rural 350 December 2021 218 % 766 Complete
23. Número de autoridades tradicionales que reciben apoyo técnico en sus procesos de planificación y/o fortalecimiento institucional 5 December 2021 100 % 5 Complete

Advocate Partner Local Partners and Co-Applicants
Comitato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo dei Popoli - CISP


2. Confartigianato Vicenza

3. Alcaldía Municipal de Puerto Caicedo

4. Alcaldía Municipal de Puerto Asís

5. Alcaldía Municipal de Orito

6. Alcaldía Municipal de Valle del Guamuez

7. Alcaldía Municipal de Puerto Leguizamo

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