T06.35 Solidarity Economy Communities

Solidarity Economy Communities and strengthening of ECOMUN and its Cooperatives

Supporting the economic, social, and collective reincorporation of FARC-EP ex-combatants, with community and regional focus, promoting the solidarity economy.

Implementation period
From 14/Dec/2018 To 30/Jul/2023

General Description

The project's main purpose is to organizationally strengthen ECOMUN and its base cooperatives.  This will help ECOMUN develop sustainable economic ventures, create income under an associative and solidarity scheme, and enable cooperatives to position themselves as benchmarks in equitable and equal development. To this end, the project uses the knowledge and practices of LKS-ALECOP, and cooperatives belonging to the Mondragon Group, whose experience and methodology can be very useful in peacebuilding, collective reincorporation, and the development of equitable communities and regions.

The project has two fundamental pillars:


1) Promoting the sustainability of the ecosystem and the base cooperatives by developing the ECOMUN Cooperative Group and solid Inter-cooperation mechanisms.  This is understood as a competitive advantage for businesses and as an advanced solidarity solution.

2) Enhancing the distribution of wealth by placing people at the center of the model in order to ensure the "Common Good." With a project deeply rooted in the regions, it is structured as a catalyst and promoter of their development.

Contribution to the Peace Accourds

The project contributes to points 1 and 3.2 of the Peace Agreement. The project can contribute to the creation of well-being and dignified living conditions for the communities and rural population with which the ECOMUN Group and its Base Cooperatives interact by reducing poverty and promoting equality. In addition, the project promotes the process of reincorporation of the FARC-EP into civilian life - economically, socially and politically, coexistence, and reconciliation.

All this is promoted to the extent that ECOMUN is strengthened as a cooperative structure by creating sustainable economic activities, promoting community reincorporation in the region and strengthening the social fabric, coexistence, and reconciliation.

Objectives and Results
  • Active listening through analysis and evaluation of chains and economic initiatives, regional areas and people’s situation.
  • Consolidation the cooperative group at its different levels (Base Coop., Regional Federations and Congressional Norms), by working on governance, capacities, and leadership.
  • Inter-cooperation mechanisms that guarantee the sustainability of the base cooperatives such as: results reconversion, workers relocation, funds to reinvest, commercialization, economies of scale, etc.
  • Co-design of value chains that integrate all the links: fish farming, nature tourism, textiles, and agro-industry.
  • Relationship development with clients, participation in events, and construction of the ECOMUN brand.
  • Education and training platform ande-learning to reach all regions and economic initiatives.
  • Creation of a mutual guarantee cooperative society to leverage the necessary investment.
Investment Amounts
€ 3.000.000
UE Support
€ 0
€ 3.000.000

Featured Indicators
Indicator Goal Last Update Advance Current Value Status
01. Number of strategic and management plans, agreed and executed, for the development of the ECOMUN Corporation 4 June 2023 125 % 5 In execution
02. Number of bylaw documents (congressional norms,regional groups, and base cooperatives) validated by ECOMUN, in accordance with the cooperative laws in force 3 June 2023 166 % 5 In execution
03. Number of ETCRs and NARs participating in communication dynamics for the cooperative model, the bylaws, among others. 60 June 2023 255 % 153 In execution
04. Number of people trained in organizational and economic aspects (disaggregated by gender, ethnicity and / or disability) 600 June 2023 109 % 657 Complete
05. Number of cooperatives that remain associated with ECOMUN as a consequence of the different socialization processes 70 June 2023 231 % 162 Complete
06. Number of ordinary and / or extraordinary assemblies of base cooperatives to analyze, debate, make proposals for modification, and approve the bylaws at their different levels 80 June 2023 202 % 162 Complete
7. Number of cooperatives that, being part of ECOMUN, receive advice and technical assistance from ECOMUN and / or LKS-ALECOP, improving their cooperative vision and management capacities 70 June 2023 142 % 100 Complete
8. Number of strategic plan chains, integrating the management responsibilities of ECOMUN, regional divisions, and grassroots cooperatives 4 June 2023 100 % 4 In execution
09. Number of partnerships established by ECOMUN with the project’s support, allowing the commercialization of products or services from the basic cooperatives 8 June 2023 25 % 2 In execution
10. Number of proposals, models, and approaches that can reinforce the development of value chains in an integrated way, including financing models 2 June 2023 200 % 4 Complete
11. Number of events attended and / or participated by ECOMUN as a speaker to develop business relationships and / or develop the brand image 4 June 2023 125 % 5 In execution
12. Number of grassroots cooperatives participating in production or commercial chains led by ECOMUN 60 June 2023 178 % 107 In execution

Advocate Partner Local Partners and Co-Applicants
Grupo Mondragón (LKS - ALECOP)
  • Economías solidarias del común – ECOMUN
  • Fundación Lehendakari Aguirre

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