T06.13 Colombia 2020

Training and education for peace: Colombia 2020

Contributing to peace, reconciliation, and social mobilization, through education, producing information, and dialogue, under the motto "Building the Country from the regions."

Implementation period
From 01/Mar/2018 To 31/Jan/2021

General Description

The project contributes to the implementation of the Peace Agreement and helps conflict affected populations overcoming the effects of the armed conflict.  It does this through articles and forums with educational, journalistic, and informative approaches that tell the contemporary stories of the regions, so that the voices of community leaders and the dialogue between different actors that promote reconciliation are heard.

One of the project's main components is education for peace and the dissemination of transparent and updated information on the implementation of the Peace Agreements. The project uses information and communication as elements of education for peace, built with the regions’ participation, their leaders, actors, and the media.

The project develops actions to support the regions where it works in: implementing the Peace Agreement; promoting healthy debate between regional and national actors; placing the needs of the regions on the national political agenda; and effectively including a gender approach in its content and activities.

The project supports the social responsibility campaign "Colombia 2020: Building the Country from the regions" developed by El Espectador.

Contribution to the Peace Accourds

The project contributes to point 1 of the Peace Agreement by telling the stories about life in Colombia’s rural communities. The project’s communication and information management strategy involves the engagement of regional actors, and the visibility of their experiences and needs. This is done to  put these actors on the political agenda and national debate.

The project contributes to point 3.2 of the Peace Agreement by promoting educational actions that contribute to reconciliation and coexistence. These actions include: journalistic pieces; spaces for debate and dialogue; and a communication and visibility campaign.  Together these actions strengthen the media as tools of promotion and participation for the peacebuilding of a democratic culture that respects the political debate.

Objectives and Results

The project has specific results for each of its three work lines.

●     Regarding education, the project designs and distributes educational materials for children and / or youth, and created peacebuilding initiatives in schools. Additionally, three versions of the annual "Colombia 2020 Country Builders" award are held, with the goal of creating interest and greater knowledge about the initiatives of teachers and private and public schools in favor of peace and coexistence.

●     Regarding information production, the project produces journalistic pieces in different multimedia formats, making peacebuilding stories from the regions visible.

Regarding dialogue for social mobilization, the project promotes spaces for local, regional and national debate and dialogue.  These spaces occur , at least quarterly in relation to peacebuilding and the promotion of human rights.

Investment Amounts
€ 1.150.000
UE Support
€ 9.605.000
€ 10.755.000

Featured Indicators
Indicator Goal Last Update Advance Current Value Status
01.Number of regional forums held. 12 October 2020 75 % 9 In execution
02.Number of people (men and women) attending the regional forums. 150 October 2020 39162 % 58.743 In execution
03.Number of national meetings held 6 October 2020 100 % 6 Complete
04.Number of people (men and women) attending the national meetings. 300 October 2020 61502 % 184.507 Complete

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