T06.5 Pazadentro

PAZADENTRO: Mother Earth, dignified living, and Peace of reincorporation of the armed conflict in Colombia

Contributing to the well-being, social progress, and peaceful coexistence of the population in Tierradentro, Cauca.

Implementation period
From 09/May/2017 To 08/Dec/2020

General Description

Pazdentro is a participatory and comprehensive intercultural rural development initiative that helps indigenous, farmer, Afro, and urban communities, and their institutions, construct a stable and lasting peace. The project strengthens organizations and their economic structures, improving food security production, transformation, and commercialization.

The project implements actions aimed at environmentally sustainable, local economic development, social and cultural development, and governance, with a gender, generational, interethnic, environmental, and do-no-harm approach.

The project is executed by the Nasa Cxha-Cxha Association of Indigenous Councils and uses the “Leader Approach” with local development based on a region, and accessible and decentralized investment management.

Contribution to the Peace Accourds

The project contributes to point 1 of the Peace Agreement by contributing to the indigenous population, supporting local economic development with a regional focus, closing the agricultural gap, and protecting ethnic wealth and sensitive environmental areas. The project provides critical factors to local economies such as: working capital, access to credit, technical assistance, training, infrastructure, machinery, and equipment.

Objectives and Results

The project has four specific results:

●     The first result strengthens the environmentally sustainable, inclusive, legal, and competitive local economies in the regions where it works.  It does this by increasing productivity and diversity, supporting the coffee value chain, and strengthening farmers access to credit.

●     The second result improves local capacities for environmental management by supporting: 1) the production and marketing of organic fertilizers and nutritional concentrates; 2) the certification of orchards associated with coffee; and 3) the transformation of organic waste.

●     The third result provides the region with relevant, inclusive and intercultural educational models for sustainable local development and peaceful coexistence.

●     The fourth result improves regional actors’ management, planning, and sustainable management capacities by promoting a peacebuilding approach in communities and institutions.

Investment Amounts
€ 3.200.000
UE Support
€ 800.000
€ 4.000.000

Featured Indicators
Indicator Goal Last Update Advance Current Value Status
01.Number of families increasing their income thanks to the project’s support 3.760 December 2020 97 % 3.667 In execution
02.Number of credits granted through the Nasa Cxab Credit Corporation 800 December 2020 15 % 125 In execution
03.Number of linked families and number of innovative agro-environmental ventures at the end of the project. 1.100 December 2020 100 % 1.100 In execution
04.Number of community radio stations strengthened through the Pazadentro project 3 December 2020 100 % 3 In execution
05.Number of families commercializing their innovative products to local, national, and international markets at the end of the project 1.100 December 2020 100 % 1.100 In execution
06.Number of farms certified according to the EEC Regulation 834/2007 and 889/2008 of the European Community norms, NOP-USDA, as well as regulations issued by MADR for organic certification at the end of the project 800 December 2020 24 % 199 In execution
07.Number of agricultural producers participating in strengthening family farming systems for family autonomy and increasing family income 2.960 December 2020 104 % 3.104 In execution
8. Number of indigenous, farmer, ethnic, and Afro life and / or development plans, and number of regional management schemes supplemented and adjusted at the end of the project 39 December 2020 64 % 25 In execution
9. Number of indigenous organizations, farmers, Afro, and municipalities that have greater capacity for planning and management of the region at the end of the project 39 December 2020 94 % 37 In execution
10.Number of schools that at the end of the project have updated and adjusted Community Educational Project (PEC) 5 December 2020 40 % 2 In execution
11.Number of students, including reintegrated youth, involved in recreation and / or arts and crafts initiatives 3.000 December 2020 97 % 2.910 In execution
12.Number of students with greater competencies for sustainable local development and peaceful coexistence 3.000 December 2020 97 % 2.910 In execution

Advocate Partner Local Partners and Co-Applicants
Unión Europea
Unión Europea
Asociación de Cabildos Nasa Cxha Cxha

1. Asociación de Cabildos Indígenas Juan Tama

2. Asociación Campesina de Inza-Tierradentro (ACIT)

3. Resguardo Indígena de Totoró

4. Alcaldías Municipales de Páez, Inza y Totoro

5. Corporación Nasa CXAB

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