T06.14 Young Amazon Guaviare

Amazon youth-led sustainable corridors for peace- Guaviare

Consolidating peace in Colombia through sustainable and inclusive management of the Amazon ecosystem in Guaviare and Caquetá

Implementation period
From 01/Jun/2018 To 31/Oct/2021

General Description

The project contributes to consolidating peace in Colombia through sustainable and inclusive management of the Amazon ecosystem for communities, especially for young people between14 and 29 years old. The project works with young people through a regional model that takes advantage of the regions’ enormous natural potential, and at the same time, preserves the ecosystem.

The project aims to capitalize on European added values related to: alternative energy, ecotourism, green businesses and biocommerce, river basin development, youth and volunteering, innovation and technology, education, the LEADER approach, among others. The goal is to transform the upper basin of the Guaviare River, middle of Caguán River, and the lower Guayabero River, from "strategic corridors of war" into "corridors of life".

Contribution to the Peace Accourds

The project contributes to point 1 of the Peace Agreement, implementing a new licit economy for the Amazon and the use of its ecosystem, with conservation areas. To accomplish this, the project implements Green Businesses, awards scholarships for training agricultural technicians, and promotes the LEADER Approach, Biodiversity Strategy for life "B4 life", ERRRIN15, EURO - RIOS, European Voluntary Service, and NATURA 2000 in its activities.

The project contributes to point 3.2 of the Peace Agreement, strengthening capacities to overcome adversities, promoting reconciliation and a culture of legality. The project supports technical and specialized training for former combatants, creating sources of income and sustainable livelihoods. It also promotes the socio-economic inclusion of young people and women in sustainable and innovative management, and sports and cultural activities for young people.

Objectives and Results

The objective of this project is to promote, through young leadership, new models of sustainable development oriented to the use of the ecosystem, social equity, and regional peace. The project contains three proposed results:

  • Creating sustainable, innovative and inclusive green businesses, preserving the Amazon and curbing deforestation. These businesses promote licit economies, adapted to climate change, that conserve the Amazon biome and slow agricultural and livestock expansion. Agro-sustainable production chains such as cocoa, non-timber forest products and Amazon aquaculture are strengthened.
  • Development and promotion of youth and community leadership for sustainable management, and with a focus on peace-building, regional identity and innovation.
  • Improvement of public goods with Rio de Colores (“River of colors”) beautifying the facades of the houses, arborization, road and community infrastructure, among others.
Investment Amounts
€ 2.619.822
UE Support
€ 336.500
€ 2.956.322

Featured Indicators
Indicator Goal Last Update Advance Current Value Status
01. Number of hectares of protected areas 3.100 October 2021 130 % 4.060 Complete
02. Number of families producing food for self-consumption and surpluses for local commercialization 146 October 2021 100 % 146 Complete
03. Percentage increase in ICO, with emphasis on youth, of all the organizations participating in the financing strategies 10 October 2021 220 % 22 Complete
04. Number of infrastructure and public assets built, improved or rehabilitated including community management strategies and co-financing 28 October 2021 160 % 45 Complete
05.Number of farms implementing measures for the preservation of the environment 270 October 2021 111 % 300 Complete
06.Number of people, men and women, receiving training in information technology 1.150 October 2021 137 % 1.586 Complete
07. Number of plans designed and implemented to promote the preservation of the environment with the participation of young people 3 October 2021 133 % 4 Complete
08. Number of ex-combatants implementing diversification strategies in food production to improve food security 400 October 2021 124 % 498 Complete
09.Number of organizations that receive support coordinating sustainable production to the local, national, and / or international market in commercial partnerships 4 October 2021 125 % 5 Complete
10. Number of schools complementing or improving their programs with relevant contents for their community and region 8 October 2021 100 % 8 Complete
11. Number of people (women and men) who have acquired dance, theater, music, and visual arts skills through youth-led schools and specialized teachers 350 October 2021 101 % 354 Complete
12.Number of credit and savings programs operating permanently 16 October 2021 100 % 16 Complete
13.Number of schools or community spaces improving their infrastructure through water and sanitation strategies, and access to energy 4 October 2021 125 % 5 Complete
14. Number of ex-combatants participating in sustainable and resilient production strategies to improve their income 400 October 2021 102 % 409 Complete
15.Number of families with solar energy and / or drinking water (water filters) 120 October 2021 124 % 149 Complete
16.Number of educational communities improving access to electricity and internet connection 11 October 2021 136 % 15 Complete
17.Number of implemented local reconciliation initiatives, which contribute to the management of local conflicts through community agreements and the participation of youth and women 3 October 2021 133 % 4 Complete
18. Number of memory initiatives implemented and shared, incorporating elements of redefinition of the past and prospective vision, with the participation of young people 3 October 2021 100 % 3 Complete
19. Number of community organizations implementing green businesses associated with biocommerce 10 October 2021 110 % 11 Complete
20. Number of non-agricultural ventures implemented by ex-combatants 8 October 2021 100 % 8 Complete
21. .Number of ex-combatants strengthening their technical capacities for diversified and resilient food production, processing, commercialization, partnership, and business management 400 October 2021 104 % 417 Complete
22.Number of hectares in agroforestry and / or silvopastoral systems established in accordance with the production component baseline 23 October 2021 182 % 42 Complete
23. Number of cultural, artistic, and sporting events held with the participation of ex-combatants 4 October 2021 100 % 4 Complete

Advocate Partner Local Partners and Co-Applicants
Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y la Agricultura (FAO)

1. Hilfswerk Austria

2. DEISPAZ Corporación por el Desarrollo Integral Sostenible y la Paz

3. Gobernación del Guaviare

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